Discussion Questions for Best Kept Secrets

Use these discussion questions for your book club or classroom. Written by the author!

  1. Many people develop crushes on their best friends. For Morgan, Fay was the closest and best friend. What would you do in that situation? Would you reveal your feelings or keep quiet for fear of Making things awkward?
  2. One triggering event in Morgan’s life changed her entire life path. What has or would alter the course of your life? Not necessarily connected, if someone close to you passed away, would you move on or hang your life on figuring it out?
  3. Caryn and Ekhard didn’t have a stable home environment. Is it nature or nurture that made them the way they are?
  4. They say you can’t choose your family. Morgan’s adult relationship with her brother is vastly different from Caryn’s with Ekhard. How has your relationship with a sibling changed or help form who you are?
  5. Several characters play a role in Fay’s death. Who doyou think is most to blame?
Best Kept Secrets