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Tracey S Phillips HeadshotTracey S. Phillips has played the piano since age three and attended Berklee College of Music.  She considers herself a serial artist who gardens, teaches piano lessons, loves to draw, and writes in two genres. In 2020 she founded Blackbird Writers, authors flying under the mystery umbrella.

BEST KEPT SECRETS won a Hugh Holton Award in 2018. Tracey’s manuscript, Mother of Secrets, was a finalist for the Clayton Award in 2022. Her short story, On Angel Wings, is published in LitBop Vol. 1, issue #2. She also writes romantic thriller under a pen-name.

Tracey lives in Wisconsin with her husband and a smart little dog named Jack. If you are in Madison, please consider buying locally from A Room of One’s Own or Mystery to Me Books. Be sure to write a review on Amazon, Bookbub, or Goodreads.

Want to know more?


  • Coffee or any caffeinated beverage. Chocolate.
  • Anything infused with chilies.
  • Malolactic Chardonnay and occasionally, a good dirty martini!


  • Mean, spiteful people.
  • Generic rejection letters.
  • Creamed corn.

Death Row Meal:

  • Pumpkin pie – or any pie for that matter…with real whipped cream!

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She is a member of International Thriller Writers Association, Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America.

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