Karissa Knight is Tracey S. Phillips’ pseudonym. In June 2021, Tracey published Elements of Submission, the first book in a romantic suspense series. In October, 2021, she re-released the book with a new title, THE CLIENT. These articles refer to that book title, but the content of the book, is the same.

Romance Junkies

A Chemical Romance by Karissa Knight

Have you ever experienced that rushing waterfall of emotions when you first meet your true love? It happened to me when I met my husband. Read more. . .

Washington Review of Books

Why genre-spanning author Tracey S. Phillips embraced a pseudonym.

It’s clear that author Tracey S. Phillips is an expert in flexibility. Yes, she practices yoga, and yes, she’s a piano teacher. But she also writes novels across multiple genres and publishing platforms. Read more . . .

Readers Magnet

Elements of Submission, by Karissa Knight

The decision to use a pseudonym was difficult, but necessary for many reasons. For one, the pandemic was a bit of a wakeup call for my career. Read more . . .

Book Editing Associates

The Birth of a Series

“My husband called it the Franken-book. When I reached out to Stacey Donovan, I told her that this manuscript had been through 26 revisions. Stacey took on the project and helped me turn a monster into a beautiful, intricate romantic suspense novel. Read more . . .

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