In June 2021, I published a romantic suspense book under the pseudonym, Karissa Knight. Elements of Submission is the first book in the Elements of Power series where criminal lawyer Wilhelmina Green journeys down a dark path of sexual submission, as CEO Jonathon Thomas Heun gets caught up with his past. 

Video trailer of Elements of Submission, book one of the Elements of Power series, now available on Amazon.

Romance Junkies

A complicated, damaged character truly makes a story unputdownable. In my latest novel, ELEMENTS OF SUBMISSION, Wilhelmina Green—Wil to her friends—is a criminal defense attorney who represents the most heinous, predatory men. Though she’s young, Wil is a star in her field. She loves her job yet feels guilty for helping release predators back into society. She believes that she deserves punishment for her part in perpetrating crimes against women. So in her spare time, Wil travels to remote locations to tombstone. Until diving from dangerous cliffs isn’t enough punishment to atone for her perceived sins. Read more. . .

Washington Review of Books

It’s clear that author Tracey S. Phillips is an expert in flexibility. Yes, she practices yoga, and yes, she’s a piano teacher. But she also writes novels across multiple genres and publishing platforms.

Phillips’ first novel, Best Kept Secrets (BKS) — a police-procedural thriller featuring a gritty female detective — was traditionally published by independent press Crooked Lane Books (CLB) in 2019. Then, while banging out a sequel and also writing a standalone thriller, Phillips began writing romantic suspense. She plans to experiment with that genre by self-publishing her newest novel, Elements of Submission (E of S) — a steamy romantic thriller — under the pseudonym Karissa Knight. Read more . . .

Readers Magnet

The decision to use a pseudonym was difficult, but necessary for many reasons. For one, the pandemic was a bit of a wakeup call for my career. With the rest of the world, I watched wide-eyed as the publishing market crashed. I still didn’t have an agent (that’s another story) and my debut was not selling even with the help of my publisher. I decided it was time to blow the dust off a romance manuscript I’d written years ago.

My friends encouraged me with their successes. It took years of trial and error—and even a traditional publishing contract—to make the decision to self-publish Elements of SubmissionBy then I founded my own network of authors, many of whom have become Indie published themselves. Read more . . .

Book Editing Associates

“My husband called it the Franken-book. When I reached out to Stacey Donovan, I told her that this manuscript had been through 26 revisions. It may have been an exaggeration, but not by much. Needless to say, ten years of toying with it had made me question not only the strength of the plot and the characters’ interactions, but also my writing.

Stacey took on the project and helped me turn a monster into a beautiful, intricate romantic suspense novel. Read more . . .

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