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Do You Love How You Share?

Account deactivated. Thousands of posts deleted from the stratosphere. Suddenly you’re disconnected from 4000 (or more) followers. Those words could strike terror into an author’s bones. But today, I did it on purpose. I deactivated my 2 largest social media accounts. And it’s opening doors. Read More

The Big Thrill:

The Big Thrill recommends Murderous Means by Lida Sideris

When inexperienced private investigator Corrie Locke goes looking for a killer, she digs up a mismatched bunch of clues and a family of real characters in this southwest murder mystery. Matriarch and landowner, JoJo Means, died in her sleep. Or so the medical examiner says. Psychic Heidi Honeyman believes there’s more to it. Corrie Locke is a hardcore skeptic of paranormal telepaths, but she needs this job. Red More.

The Big Thrill:

The Big Thrill Recommends: Midnight on Beacon Street by Emily Ruth Verona

Six-year-old Ben Mazinski stands in his kitchen at midnight. Only this can’t be his kitchen. Every-thing here is wrong. There’s a dead body, and he’s standing in a pool of slippery red blood. Debut author Emily Ruth Verona gripped my attention from the breathtaking start of MIDNIGHT ON BEACON STREET. Read More.

The Big Thrill:

The Big Thrill Recommends: The Night Side, by M. M. Deluca

Archeologist Ruby Carlson moved to England to get away from her childhood haunt, the small town of Stoneybrook, Montana, and her controlling, manipulative mother, Ida. Now that Ida is presumed dead, Ruby must face a past she buried long ago and dig into the mystery surrounding Ida’s death.

And no one wants her here. Read More Here.

The Big Thrill Recommends: The Girls in the Eagle’s Talons by Karin Smirnoff

Memorable Lisbeth Salander swoops in for another act in Karin Smirnoff’s THE GIRL IN THE EAGLE’S TALONS. Remaining remarkably consistent with Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series while delivering an explosive new tale, Smirnoff opens with intense new characters and swift action. Read More Here.

Blackbird Writers

Do You Write What You Know or What You Want to Know?

I’m a firm believer that stories written from experience hold more verity and authenticity than stories written from the imagination. “Write what you know,” is a mantra heard all across the writing guru blogs. I’ve had experiences—haven’t we all? –that I tie into the threads of my stories. Read More.

Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

The winding narrow road that led to Nana’s cottage was tree-lined on the lake side, farmland on the other. Lush greenery and sprouting corn grew beneath cloud-specked Indiana sky. Read More . . .

103.5 Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Public Radio

Interview with Rex Owens

The interview aired on Monday, August 1st, 2022. Click here to listen! 

Blackbird Writers

How Do You Face Failure?

I’m proud to tell you that I’m a failure. Because on the other side of failure, is success. I wasn’t always proud to say it because I didn’t set out to fail. Read More . . .

What Kind of Bird are You?

I recall a summer day, not too long ago, when I was standing on my deck breathing the fresh Wisconsin summer air and watching the breeze flutter leaves in the canopy of maple trees overhead. And in the midst of this peaceful reverie, the distinctive chirt-chirtle  . . . Read More . . .

How is Setting a Character in Fiction?

It’s almost springtime in the state that I call home, but I’m not overly anxious for it. My  favorite room in our house was an add-on designed by my husband and is directly above our two-car garage. The four season sunroom faces south. Read More . . .

Musical Moment

Instruments play a chord. You know this music, the feeling it evokes draws on your emotions. The rhythm moves you and you don’t think about it,  your feet just tap the beat. Read More . . .

Who Are Your Heroines?

In the quiet days of quarantine, I had many opportunities to meditate on my life choices and personal behavior. I used the time for reflection on changes I wanted to see in myself and the world around me. So I considered the woman I’d like to become. Read More . . .

Writescast Network

Hear Tracey S. Phillips in a podcast interview with Writescast Network founder R. R. Campbell. She discusses getting a traditional book publishing deal in a non-traditional way.

Isthmus Madison, WI

Madison Wisconsin Isthmus writer Michael Popke reviews Best Kept Secrets and discusses our interview. Here’s a link to the article.

Washington Independent Review of Books

In That’s What SHE Said: Lit Women Who Rock, K.L. Romo interviews Tracey S. Phillips about the story behind her debut novel Best Kept Secrets.

The Big Thrill Magazine

Tracey S. Phillips does an up close interview for the December issue of The Big Thrill, the magazine for International Thriller Writers.

Best Kept Secrets Book Review

Gareindeedreads posted a very nice review of Best Kept Secrets.

The Page 69 Test

On October 23, page 69 of Best Kept Secrets is featured on CAMPAIGN FOR THE AMERICAN READER’s Page 69 Test.

My Book the Movie

On October 20th, 2019 my guest column for My Book the Movie went live. It was fun imagining which actors might best portray the characters in Best Kept Secrets.

Suanne Schafer Interview

On October 15th, come to Suanne Schafer’s website for my very first interview! Suanne Schafer is the Debut Author of A Different Kind of Fire. And her latest book, Hunting the Devil Releases on September 15th 2019.

Why so many women read (and write) thriller and crime fiction

(This column was featured on Jungle Red Writers’ October 10th, 2019)

As your gaze skims the words on the page, you curl into yourself. Elbows tuck and your shoulders hunch. Your heart rate climbs from adagio to vivace. A fingernail sneaks between your teeth and you work it till you come to the end of the chapter and. . . “No!” You can’t stop there, the author’s left another cliffhanger!… Read the entire column at Jungle Red Writers’.

Traditional Publishing Contract: Nontraditionally

(This column was featured on ITW’s The Thrill Begins October 7th, 2019)

Once you’ve written a story, the dream is to publish, right? And, for those of us who don’t want to self-publish, we know to query and pitch, query and pitch. But sometimes the traditional process doesn’t work. Whether it’s a day job, kids, or taking care of aging parents, life can get in the way of our dreams. In this column, I’ll show you how to get your work seen faster and by more agents with just one pitch…Read the entire column at ITW’s The Thrill Begins.