cozy reading nook, white bed next to plantsIn this day and age,  time to read is a sacred window in anyone’s day. If you’ve got the time, it doesn’t matter where you are-a  ten minute break, a half an hour before or after work, a luxurious hour before bedtime- a book will take you on an escapist’s journey away from the mundane and dull tedium of the day. Honestly, I’ve read everywhere from my car (waiting in a parking lot) and the bathroom (who hasn’t!), to an airport bench or while walking the dog.

But what we’d all prefer is to snuggle up in our own cozy reading nook.

Sure, we all have our favorite corner of the couch. How about lying in bed during the day! It would never happen on my schedule. But what we dream of is something more idyllic like lying on the beach or in a hammock under a big tree. Upgrades to that scene would be a hammock or swinging bed near the ocean. But that’s my dream…

Do you remember being a kid and finding that big TV or appliance box in the garage? You padded it with pillows and your favorite comforter. You dragged a dozen stuffed animals into the dark fort, big enough for only you and your best friend then you searched the basement for a flashlight. The last thing you brought into that cozy, comfortable space was your favorite book.

I remember reading the Chronicles of Narnia in mine. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, specifically. It was fun to imagine that my home-made space was their wardrobe and it could transport me to an amazing world. In a sense, it did through the book in my hand.

As an adult, I still crave a special reading space, a cozy reading nook, and I’m here to show you how to do it for yourself or for  someone special. I’ll give you a wide variety of ways. Of course, it’s your choice whether to spend a little or a lot of money. Most of these ideas can be done with things you already have around the house. And I’ll share ways to spare cash whenever possible.

First, before making your cozy reading nook, decide on a color scheme. White creates a nice blank canvas for the colorful pictures in your mind. Blues and light greens invoke the peaceful serenity of the ocean or lake-side. Dark greens and earth tones fill me with the woody solitude of a forest. For an added effect, use a pine scented plug-in. Reds and pinks if you are a lover of romance.  Yellows with a splash of purple put me in a flowery field far away from the city.

Color is the canvas for your small project and even if you decide to use the blankets in your linen closet and pillows from around the house. Get ready to make your reading nook! Here are some cute ideas.

Corner Nook:

This is easy! Clear the junk out of any corner of your house, preferably near a window. Add a comfortable chair, a raised wing-back for a little privacy or my favorite, a Papasan. Throw in a few pillows for back support, or for your lap (I like to raise the book up). A throw blanket is nice for those chilly winter days. My corner would have a tall side table for a cup heater (to keep my tea warm) and my reading glasses. (See picture above: Money saver! I did this with things in my home.)

Wiki-how shows a cute, picture by picture tutorial that includes a small bookshelf. To save money, find one at a garage sale or thrift store. This website also shows how to make a canopy to hide behind.

Spare Bed Nook:

Are you an empty nester or do you have a spare bedroom? Then you have the perfect quiet room to create this space. The artist and child in me wants this room to be special and perhaps have a theme. Some of my ideas include dark walls and stars pasted on the ceiling with a glowing globe light that looks like the moon. Another is a forest room with dark green and earth tone bedspread and pillows. I might even take real branches and hang them over the windows.

Closet Nook:

I love this idea for a cozy reading nook because it starts with cleaning out a closet. Donate, or find homes for those old coats and mittens. The vacuum has a better place to live, too. Take the doors off the outside, you know, those ugly, beat up bi-fold doors  with the little nob falling off. Take the shelf and closet rod out too. Now, paint or wallpaper the walls and add some narrow shelving on the sides. To add lighting, there are battery operated sconces at your local hardware store.

closet reading nook, before and after

This cute closet nook was made by Jill over at Inside Out. For more info check out her reading nook post.

You may find a bench at a thrift store that fits perfectly, or your neighbor is a master craftsman. Build or insert a bench that fits the width and depth of the closet. Add pillows and a blanket. For the final touch, attach a curtain rod to the outside of your cozy closet reading nook.

Window Nook:

A picture is worth a thousand words… Send me your pictures! I love window nooks.

window cozy book nook

This nook was made by Jenny at Little Green Notebook. Find out more about her window nook!

Tree Fort Nook:

The possibilities are fantastic here as long as you have a very sturdy tree and the knack of building. My solution was to hang a hammock. Again, sturdy tree or trees are required.

My Swinging Bed Nook:

We are lucky to have this lovely corner. The porch was an add on, an addition to our home. We planned the hanging bed and reinforcements were made to the roof and ceiling trusses. Do not hang a bed from your ceiling with out professional help. 

I found many of my ideas on Pinterest and you can too. For little or no cost, you can add a cozy reading nook to any part of your home in a weekend. Good luck and send me your pictures! I can’t wait to see your ideas.