Hello readers! I’m happy to report that the first giveaway was a total success. I hope you think so too.

The giveaway winners are. . .

But wait. Suspense is the name of the game here. So let me first tell you about the first time I won anything. A few years ago, I stacked the odds in my favor for a raffle item that I wanted. Really wanted. And by stacked, I think I bought thirty or forty raffle tickets and placed them all on this basket item. Do you know why? Because I have never been a winner. No, seriously, never. Call it dumb luck, I suppose. The odds have never been with me.

I set out to change my odds. I wanted to be a winner.

The item I wanted to win was a book I’d read about in Publisher’s Marketplace. It’s one you can read about here too. The Marsh King’s Daughter by Karen Dionne. At the time, I was writing Best Kept Secrets. I was writing about a ruthless woman killer. Someone who had no regard for life. Someone who wanted revenge.

When I entered the Ballroom of the Oneida Radisson Hotel in Appleton, two of four long walls were lined with tables covered with books and cellophaned baskets for the giveaway. Nearly three hundred items were donated to this conference, the Writers’ Police Academy.

The Raffle

It took place on Banquet night of the Writers’ Police Academy in Appleton Wisconsin. I was there to study and learn about police procedure and psychopathic personalities. I was in the process of writing Best Kept Secrets about someone without regard for human life. Someone who wanted revenge.

When I spied the Marsh King’s Daughter basket, with book, audio book and swag–Upper Peninsula wild-berry jelly–I couldn’t resist. First, I had to see if anyone else had stuffed their tickets into the bag for this item. They had! Trying not to look too suspicious, I peered into the bag and judged the probability of taking this item home. I wanted to count them. It looked like about ten other tickets. I had twenty in my hand and I placed all of them into the basket. Then I bought more tickets.

All through dinner, I watched my item. I judged each person who walked by it as a possible suspect and wagered whether I could buy the package from them if they won it. I even imagined how it would go down. . . I’d follow them down the hotel hallway to their room. The deal would be whispered. I’d offer them more money than they invested. More than the package was worth.

But wait–

I won!

In the end, I probably would have spent as much on the audio book itself. But when I saw my numbers were chosen–the basket was mine!!–I was so happy! I took it home and placed it on a shelf. I cherished it for days before opening it to caress the book cover. Because by then, I couldn’t wait any longer to read it.

I know the feeling:

I know you can’t wait to hear. The giveaway winners of my very first book giveaway are:

Michelle Joslyn and Diane Boles

Congratulations Michelle and Diane! you will receive signed first edition copies of my debut novel, Best Kept Secrets on October 8th.

Thank you everyone who entered-it wouldn’t be a competition without you. And please stay tuned for more giveaways of swag, books and more!

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