Feel the freedom! It’s Memorial Day weekend and it’s pouring rain. The temperature in Wisconsin is 45 degrees (feels like 38). Yuck. I wouldn’t make this up!

Anyway, summer is coming! And usually that’s enough to pull me away from my writing desk. Warm weather, outdoor concerts and tending my garden are seasonal joys that I long for after brutal Wisconsin winters. And this summer, I’m seeing the world through the rosiest lens because now that I’m fully vaccinated there’s a world of possibilities. (Watch the rest on YouTube.)

Tracey at a WCO Concert on the Square, with the Madison, WI capital building in the background. Summer 2019

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Last year we all made sacrifices. And performing artists were hit the hardest of all. Concerts and live theatre performances were canceled or postponed. One of our favorite outdoor theaters recorded virtual snippets, but the effect was not the same as packing a picnic bag and drinking wine with friends outdoors, or watching the performers live. Thankfully, this year live events are returning. And I can’t wait. If you’re not ready to join big crowds or you happen to be somewhere other than central Wisconsin, I’ve included virtual links to my two favorite summer programs, the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra’s concerts on the square and American Players Theatre’s Shakespeare Plays in the woods. Tickets to these once-in-a-lifetime shows allow you to watch from the comfort of your living room, any place in the world!

I love how the world is changing!

Summer Travel

Travel is another thing I’m looking forward to this summer. Have you heard of the West Baden Hotel in Indiana? The historic hotel was built in the early 1900s and has one of the world’s largest glass dome ceilings. Located in French Lick Indiana (yea you heard it right) The resort has golf and spas and underground hot springs. For years I’ve longed to visit the resort featured in Michael Koryta’s So Cold The River.

Links to his book and the West Baden hotel are in the body of my latest email.

And more travel. . .

Also, my honey, my right arm, has finally planned a trip for us to Wisconsin’s Door County. I’ll finally get to see the fall colors and taste authentic Door county cherries firsthand.

I’m a Nana!

In bigger news, I’m officially, a nana and I couldn’t be prouder. Our little sweet granddaughter is three months old now. This spring I visited my daughter and her husband in Washington State. The seven week trip was wonderful way to connect with them and the experience awakened me on so many levels. I realized how little I need to survive as long as I’m with my family. The tiny Air B&b had all the amenities I needed. It was close to my daughter and to the beach. It was an only hour from national forests and parks where we hiked, walked and explored with the little newborn in tow. I had never been to that part of the country before and now I’m hooked on the roar of the cold ocean and the wide sandy beaches. I loved the green forests so packed full of ferns and moss and downed trees that you can’t walk through it. I’ve included a few photos of the mountains and the formidable ocean to share with you.

News From My Writing Desk

As I look toward the future, we are planning more trips to the northwest corner of the states. And yes, I’m still writing. You can preorder my next book published under my pseudonym, Karissa Knight. Elements of Submission will be available on June 21, 2021.

What Are You Reading?

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Enjoy your summer! As you read this, I’m booking my next flight to Western Washington. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Bye for now!