In Her Bones kept me up late!

Last night I stayed up late, unable to put In Her Bones, a psychological thriller, down! I kept reading and dying to discover what would become of the herione, Edie Backett because of tension on every page. Kate Moretti delivered so satisfying an ending! –but I won’t go into that just yet.

Psychological Thriller

Are you drawn to damaged characters, murder and mystery? In Her Bones blew me off my feet. A psychological thriller, this novel delivers. Lilleth Wade, wife and mother of two is a serial killer. Her family, a loving and devoted husband, daughter and son had no idea what she was capable of. Right under their noses she killed six women. No run-of-the-mill murderer, Lilleth seduced men then later, when they moved on and became married, she killed their wives in cold blood.

Edie Beckett

Edie Beckett, Lilleth Wade’s adult daughter tells the story from her point of view. This character struggles with alcoholism and works at a full-time job that’s leading nowhere. Single and happy to keep it that way, her only real relationship is with her codependant brother. Dylan calls several times a day even though he is married and has a young kid. While trying to sort out her own life, Edie developes a secret passion -keeping tabs on the families of her mother’s victims. Needing their story to complete her own, she follows news about them and writes in seperate journals about each and every one. They, like Edie are the remainders. The damaged left-overs after the fact. What Lillith left behind.

Because her mother was a serial killer, Edie Beckett is well known. Yet she has become an adept spy. As she gathers bits of information on line, she learns how to get close to them without revealing herself. She joins chats where other remainders talk about healing and hacks into their emails to get as close as possible to the other remainders. Looking for some closure, she follows Peter Lipsky, whose wife was the only victim killed with a different weapon than the rest. Lilleth stabbed her only three times.

The Event

Needing to see Peter up close, Edie follows him into a bar. When he introduces himself, she can’t resist. Surprisingly, she becomes his date for the evening. Later, against better judgement, one drink leads to many more and Peter takes her home.

Edie leaves his place early in the morning but soon discovers that something is wrong. Just after Edie left, someone killed Peter. The police know she was the last one seen with him. Now, she packs a few things and goes into hiding. It seems like she trained for this day for her whole life. Instead of facing the police, she runs. Edie must discover who the real killer is or risk ending up on death row next to her mother.

Dealing With The Past

In Her Bones is a fast paced read and an interesting study of the victims left behind. We know that murder is a vicious and crewl ending, but for the families, it is never over. Kate Moretti explores the aftermath, what serial killers leave behind, with the precision of a psychologist. She takes you right into the lives of the family of the killer.

Throughout In Her Bones, Moretti sprinkles exerpts from a fictional book The Serrated Edge: The Story of Lillith Wade, Serial Killer. Quotes from the book take the reader into the past and show a gruesome picture of the life Lillith lead-how she was raised by abusive parents and never given an early education. Edie Beckett absolutely obsesses about the book and about her past. Because of it, she is blind to signs that are all around her. Signs of the truth. I loved how Moretti wove in the character’s memories and the past events without using italics and without inturrupting the flow of the story.

An exciting ride, In Her Bones: a novel left me guessing right up to the end. Then, Moretti packages every loose end up nicely. The very way I’d like to tell a story.