The Marsh King’s Daughter was a fast-paced, exciting and horrifying read. If you love psychological suspense as much as I do, Karen Dionne‘s sensational book is for you.


Helena lives a secret life. Happily married with two small girls, no one, not even her husband knows that she is the notorious Marsh King’s Daughter.  Before she was born, Jacob Holbrook, a survivalist with Native American roots abducted her mother and took her to a hidden, abandoned cabin in the swamps of the Upper Peninsula. There, they had a daughter who Jacob raised to be just like him…well almost.

Helena thinks she can keep her secret forever now that her mother is dead and Jacob has been locked in a penitentiary for life. But something unbelievable occurs. Her father escapes from prison and can’t be found. Helena knows she’s the only one who can find him.  Can she reach him before he gets to her girls?

At the risk of losing her husband and exposing her secret, Helena fears she must go after her father to save them.

My Reaction to the Marsh King’s Daughter

I loved Helena. She is a tough, fierce woman with extraordinary tracking skills. She’s the kind of woman I love to read about.

Dionne places you in the secluded cabin with this unusual family for an unforgettable ride.  From the point of view of a lovable little girl, Helena’s adoration of her father turns as she grows and learns about the world outside of the cabin.

This was my first audio book! My husband and I began listening on a road trip and we couldn’t “put it down”! Just like binge watching a favorite show, the book occupied all of our free time until we finished it. And the fantastic, suspenseful ending is worth every minute.

I assure you, it’s a book you will never forget.

Photo by James Bold on Unsplash.