The Client: Mina's Choice Book One

By Tracey S. Phillips, writing as Karissa Knight

Previously published as ELEMENTS OF SUBMISSION

The Client Mina's ChoiceWhen Chicago’s hottest legal star defends a powerful young billionaire, she must decide whether he’s a killer, or the one to unlock her most private fantasies. 

“He gave me more freedom, if that’s possible, to be myself. Yes the world is a crazy place, but I’d finally found a way to fit into it.”

Wilhelmina Green is the lawyer of choice for Chicago’s wealthy offenders. Mina’s latest victory, the acquittal of a U.S. senator, has made her a media sensation. To the outside world she appears to have it all, but she’s still searching for a man with the strength to bring her dark fantasies to life.

CEO Jonathon Thomas Heun, a suspect in the death of his personal assistant, hires Mina to represent him. He slowly draws her into his seductive world of wealth and power as they investigate the murder. Despite her attraction to him Mina holds back, sensing Jonathon is keeping part of himself closed off from the world. And from her.

As the passion of their affair intensifies, Mina soon realizes her desires were just the beginning of an erotic dive into Jonathon’s lifestyle.

Their Contract

Wilhelmina Green wants to dive from a cliff. As coworkers and associates celebrate her most recent success in the courtroom, she recalls tombstoning in Acapulco. Tombstoning – cliff diving – is her secret pastime. She craves the risk and atonement associated with jumping. And now, she needs to do it again. For absolution.

Less than thirty years old, Mina is at the top of her career. The courtroom drama with her client made the Chicago headlines and cable news. Only Mina knew that her client was really the rapist. She convinced the world of his innocence. Guilt overrides any feeling of accomplishment, and more than ever, she considers quitting her job.

Jonathon Thomas Heun, a wealthy CEO, is a person of interest in the murder of his firsthand assistant, Kymani Zhao. He requests Mina’s counsel. Mina wants Jonathon’s case. It could be the career changer she’d been looking for. Mina and Jonathon sign the Engagement contract.

Mina is breathless when Jonathon admits to dominant tendencies in the bedroom. Bondage is something she has always wanted to try. She seeks punishment for acquitting rapists and sexual predators. It’s why she tombstones. Her perfect man wouldn’t be afraid of that side of her.

The Murder

Police identify Kymani’s murdered body. Jonathon is the primary person of interest, but there is no proof for an arrest. He is eager to help the investigators. And yet he has emails confirming the orders for drugs used to kill Kymani.

Jonathon invites Mina to a Fourth of July party to discuss the effects of the investigation with his business partners. Here, she meets Whitney Crewe, a Dominatrix who once dated Jonathon. Jonathon warns Mina to stay away from her, but Mina can’t stop thinking about her. She wants to try BDSM and thinks Whitney might help with her first experience.

As a close female associate of the wealthy CEO, Mina could become the next victim. Now, Jonathon assigns his bodyguard to watch Mina. Travis King follows Mina everywhere, and reports her actions to Jonathon.

The Date

Jonathon’s ex-girlfriend, Doctor Valerie Schakowsky becomes the next victim. Jonathon does everything in his power to help Jeff and the investigative team.  Mina is drawn deeper into Jonathon’s web. She can’t date him or have a sexual relationship because of bar association rules. Jonathon asks Mina out on a date. He is seducing her, but she can’t resist.

At a dinner date with Jonathon, Mina uncovers more secrets about this perfect man. A gentleman, Jonathon escorts her home and leaves her at the door, only kissing her hand.

Could Jonathon Thomas Heun fulfill Mina’s darkest desires? Is Jonathon willing to punish Mina the way she wants? Mina is ready to take the risk. But she has no idea how far he wants to push her. Will she find out before she becomes the next victim?

Mina holds her breath, ready for the jump to him.

Stay Tuned:

The Contract, Book two in the Mina’s Choice trilogy will be released in 2022. The story arc follows Mina’s journey into sex and submission while Jonathon’s past catches up with him.

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