Rick Treon and Tracey discuss his latest thriller, DIVIDED STATES, and what it takes to write killer action scenes.

Divided States, a near future thriller is action packed. Here’s how Rick Treon put it together.

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Authors Jeff Nania, Margaret Mizushima, Saralyn Richard, Laurie Buchanan, Laurie Stevens and Sheila Lowe discuss the importance of getting the details correct in Police Procedure fiction. With Tracey S. Phillips.

Let’s get it right! Hear what these authors have to say about writing police procedure.

John Galligan talks with Tracey S. Phillips about Bad Axe County, the first book in his series, and the importance of diving into controversial topics.

John opens up to Tracey about hitting on important subject matter in his works.

Valerie Biel, Amber Boudreau and Sherrill Joseph talk about writing for younger readers, their books, and publishing in 2021.

YA authors converse about what it takes to write for young audiences in 2021

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Laurie Stevens discusses her latest Gabriel McRay novel and her love of developing characters who move through psychological issues with Tracey S. Phillips.

Tracey interviews Laurie Stevens about writing her gripping detective Gabrielle McRay.

August Norman discusses writing his Caitlin Bergman character for the first book in her series, COME AND GET ME .

August Norman and Tracey find common ground in writing about Indiana.

Laurie Buchanan discusses her debut fiction novel, Indelible. Laurie lets readers in on her path from prescriptive nonfiction to writing a heart-pounding thriller.

Laurie Buchanan discusses her fiction debut with Tracey

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