How do you pair wine with genre fiction? Many nights, I’ve contemplated the serious question of wine pairing as I tucked into bed with a good book and a nightcap. It’s frightening to imagine, but at times I wasn’t prepared with the right sip. When the books I love are heavy with action and intrigue, they drown out a pale accompaniment. White wine doesn’t have enough body to compliment the rich texture of heavy story-line. The light flavors get buried with heady verse. The reverse is also true. A full bodied red can overpower a joyous and light story-line, leaving you feeling heavy and uncomfortable instead of exuberant.

The question remains, which wines pair best with your favorite genre fiction? I know you’ve wondered what to  drink with a Cozy Mystery or Romance. Have you wondered what to sip with light Comedy reading? Which juicy flavor sits best with your horror and will that accompany your psychological thriller as well?

I’m here to help with wine pairing for genre fiction because I don’t want you to suffer with unbalanced flavors. Here, I’ve prepared a wine list for your reference.


Nothing is heavy about this genre. So I suggest a light white, Gewurztraminer. Gewurz, as it’s known in England, has light acidity and clear fruity flavors that can include apricot and pear. A sweet, dry wine, it pairs well with comedy because it won’t weigh you down. Besides, Gewurztraminer is a very funny name! Try saying it as a tongue twister.


When that loving feeling descends on you, you’re in the mood for romance. With this genre, I suggest a  rosé. Rosé is made by letting the dark grape skins remain in contact with the juice for a short period of time during fermentation. Its light flavor and pink color are suggestive in their own right. Skin contact makes me blush too. Perhaps a few sips of Rosé may lead to a romantic interlude of your own.

Science Fiction

Open your mind to the fresh ideas in sci-fi with a light, tart wine. Sauvignon Blanc will tingle your taste-buds as Sci-fi tantalizes your mind. The dry grapefruit flavor is a perfect match for strange worlds, fantastic creatures and fast paced reading. Keep your senses alert with a Sauvignon Blanc.


          Cozy Mystery

For the hometown mystery, I suggest something as sweet as victory. Once you have solved this mystery, a little celebration is in order. Black Muscat is a sweet red wine served at the end of the meal or for desert. Why not celebrate early? After all, you know who the villain is, don’t you? Sip this sweet wine with the sweet taste of mystery.

          Detective/Super Sleuth

A hard-core Detective novel needs a darker, richer flavor. No good detective treads  lightly. I suggest a Merlot. The deep dark mystery is reflected in the dark berry notes of Merlot. It will keep you on the edge of your seat when you round the corner to face that killer.

           True Crime

Do you love true stories of the most heinous people in the world? No one imagines the crimes that these people committed in real life. I’d sink my teeth into a dark Pinot Noir for these stranger than fiction, real-life stories stories. Just knowing that there are people in world who’ve committed these horrors puts me on the edge of my seat. Quell your nerves with a dark juicy Pinot Noir.


Horror delivers a ride like no other. With it I suggest a red blend. Many of my favorites make an honorary dark Halloween blend that pairs well with this genre. Try it with Hex! Next October, stock your shelves with a few bottles of the festive blends. The rich aromas pair well with gruesome gore.

Psychological Thriller

I saved my favorite for last. With the twists and turns of Psy/thriller, you need to stay sharp. I suggest a crisp and buttery Chardonnay. Try it with my short story, Forbiddance.  The buttery notes fit well with one slippery character. And a lighter wine won’t make you drowsy. A good thing! Because if you dose off, you’ll never discover who the killer really is!